Our Statistics

Our Statistics

Since our establishment in 2012, we have achieved growth through our professional members, organizing conferences, R&D activities and professional strategy; we are determined to enhance our specialty and diversity by adding our strengths of new members to our organization.

2000 Members became a part of SFAO and nearby 750+ research articles were published by SFAO.

In the year 2019, SFAO promoted its growth by organizing International Conferences, International Workshops, establishing chapters, increasing membership activities. SFAO organized nearby 50 International Conferences globally and about 2000 members are associated with SFAO. Nearly 20 Universities/Institutions are collaborated with SFAO and more than 300 research articles were published.

For this advancement and leads structure, we aspire to become one of the leading professional organizations in the world. Now SFAO is providing its members a digital platform for networking among themselves.

SFAO organize International conferences, International Workshops and scientific events to make our members, peers and wizards meet to share their experience, knowledge and researchers is our focus. Since, we have started our dedicated journey every year SFAO organize International Conferences and global standard events in different colleges, Universities & Institutions all across the world to provide a scope for scientific interactions to technically budding researchers, professors and academicians. SFAO helps the academicians, research scholars, professionals and scientists for their end to end research development by having collaboration and partnerships with Universities/Institutions which reflect the values of the academic community.

More than 2000 Members are associated with SFAO. SFAO members are playing an active role by being in the organizing committee, editorial board, reviewers committee and advisory board of International conferences, scientific events. SFAO is the operating unit by utilizing its members by establishing Professional Chapters, Student chapters, Institutional Chapters etc. SFAO Members, collaborated Universities/institutes are operating in the field of Otorhinolaryngology to meet the vision and mission of our parent organization Technoarete Research and Development Association (TRADA).

SFAO publications have shown marked growth in terms of global outreach, impact factors, downloads, citations, quick decision rates by the peer reviewers, number of submissions and stringent acceptance rates. SFAO is a leading publisher of scientific articles in SCOPUS, SCI/ESCI, Springer Journals.

SFAO has high impact Journals for Research in multidisciplinary subjects.