Institutional Chapters

Guidelines for the formation of SFAO Institutional Chapter in an Academic Institution

The University/Institution must have at least 50 student members of SFAO.

The University/Institution must have Four or more life time members in good standing.

The Institution must have at least 25 professional members in good standing.

Membership is open to all departments of the academic Institution/University.

All the research papers from the Institution/university should be published through SFAO .

Establishing SFAO Institutional Chapter in an Institution

SFAO will be conducting International conference every year at the university/Institution campus to provide a world class forum and scope for research development and promotion in the field of Otorhinolaryngology.

Concession in professional membership for Faculties, students and professionals of the University/Institution. They can avail SFAO professional membership at a nominal membership fee.

Concession in student membership, SFAO will be granting concession to the students to apply for student membership at SFAO Young Research Forum [YRF].

Faculties, research scholars and students can avail concession on registration fees at conferences, workshops and other world class events conducted by SFAO at different universities and cities all over the world.

Students and faculties of the university can avail concession for publication of research paper in SCOPUS, SCI/ESCI Indexed Journals.

SFAO will be providing necessary support to the university to avail funds under its research funding scheme.

Faculty and researchers exchange program could be done among international institution collaborated with SFAO, with provision of International Faculty Exchange Program.

As a premier scientific publisher SFAO will insist the institute to initiate journals under our publication house with presence of skilled editor from the university.

SFAO local student chapter & professional chapters will be established at the university.